Vision and Objective

Foster health and wellbeing among all Sri Lakshman's via volunteerism.


  • To provide first aid and health education to the youth of Sri Lanka by providing training and awareness programs to schools across Sri Lanka.
  • To motivate these trained youth to offer their services voluntarily
  • To foster self confidence, self reliance, compassion and leadership in youth through training and education and also by providing opportunities to volunteer in first aid and community development campaigns. 
  • To provide medical and first aid services to the Sri Lanka public during large scale public events and national calamities
  • To provide psycho educational programs and training in skill to increase psychosocial wellbeing to school children, teachers
  • To promote peaceful and harmonious relationships amongst people of diverse racial, religious and cultural groups through community development programs
  • Work in close collaboration and co-ordination with the Ministry of health services and other state agencies, the NGO sector and international organizations in the promotion of health and wellbeing in the country.