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More than a thousand Sri Lankans are diagnosed with cancer each year. Almost all guidelines and research data available for the diagnosis and treatment of these tumours are based on data and experience from developed countries. However, in our day to day practice we observe that our patients in Sri Lanka do not always present and react/respond in these ways.

The "Leukaemia diagnostic and research centre" will be established with the aim to foster world class research in haematological malignancies and provide state of the art diagnostic facilities to patients in Sri Lanka. The leukaid project was formed in order to fund this project under the Saukyadana movement, a voluntary nongovernmental organization which provides voluntary first aid and medical support island wide.

Goals and Objectives

  • To foster research in leukaemia and lymphomas in Sri Lanka
  • To facilitate a specialized diagnostic service for leukaemias and lymphomas in an established unit.
  • To establish a registry of patients with leukaemia and lymphoma in order to enable better follow up.
  • To create awareness regarding cancer amongst the general public.
  • To offer information/advice to patients and family members regarding blood cancers.

The Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine and Colombo has been identified as a suitable location to house this project. The estimated cost of equipment and infrastructure for this project is at Rs. 20million.

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